Our Coaches


is a Krav Maga black belt, Marcelo Meleiro BJJ Affiliate, fitness coach, and a certified Active Killer Defense, BCon, SPARology and From the Ground Up instructor. His background also includes training in Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Kali/Arnis, and Muay Thai. Jesse brings a level of excitement and expertise to his students found nowhere else in the Louisville area.

Jesse is also head of the Rough Hands Affiliate Program, which offers affiliate schools a robust self-defense program, and warrior-focused Yoga program, as well as Rough Hands Family, and Active Killer Response.


Shelby York


is a 200-hour E-RYT yoga instructor certified in Shamanic studies, as a healing facilitator/instructor. Shelby is also an accomplished Krav Maga self-defense instructor. She has a diverse background in dance, Thai boxing, BJJ, wrestling, Shamanic arts, & Krav Maga. Her yoga background includes: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini.

Shelby is the developer of the affiliate-based, Rough Hands Yoga program. She has developed a curriculum specifically geared towards the needs of fighter — or just those who want to achieve the flexibility, mobility, and balance of a fighter.


Crystal Adams


feels most fulfilled when she is working with people to help them achieve (and exceed!) their goals. She does this under a variety of titles, including occupational therapist, massage therapist, health & wellness coach, reiki master teacher, and firearms instructor. She has a diverse background in training and leadership in all of these areas.

Crystal uses a compassionate, holistic approach when working with her clients. Whether they are experiencing pain, have a chronic disease, or just want to feel better, Crystal helps them find a solution that will help them thrive.


Corey Cottrell


began learning Muay Thai in the late 90's from Zennie Reynolds, a semi retired former heavy weight world champion who had a small martial arts school in Columbia, MO. He wanted to learn kickboxing for self defense, but soon fell in love with the sport and the many physical and emotional benefits that come from training Muay Thai. Recently, Corey as recently enrolled in Arjan Buck Grant's Muay Thai University continuing his decades long journey of self discovery and exploration through Muay Thai.

Corey teaches Muay Thai in the hopes of giving back to an art that has given him so much in terms of confidence, discipline, and a much needed skill to help navigate the world. He hopes to help each person with their unique goals and reasons for training.


Shane Wallen


has a background that includes Krav Maga, boxing, and wrestling. He is a continuous improvement technician by day where he applies Kaizen to manufacturing. He believes in Kaizen in daily life also. Kaizen is the skill of improving things by small amounts everyday. If he can help with your training even 1% in class he knows you will be better off when you leave than when you came in. That is a good day for everyone.