Krav Maga / Self Defense



Out of shape? Never thrown a punch before? No problem. This class is open to all students and  will be spending  time on all portions of the curriculum. No experience necessary! Class will focus on self-defense and self-protection ranging from training  combatives to learning about  pre-contact cues and danger avoidance.






Fast pace full body movement, focusing on decompressing, opening, and strengthening the body.  

All levels are welcome.  



Mitt Madness



Come spend a fast-paced hour working with a partner working your striking, footwork, head movement, etc., but with a focus on breaking a sweat and burning some calories. No experience necessary!



Krav Maga - Ground Fighting



Violent encounters do sometimes make their way to the ground. Krav Maga - Ground Fighting is a class that specializes on learning how to deal with the realities of ground-fighting while making getting back to your feet a priority.



Fight Lab



Students learn to work with partners, starting in clinch range, using Muay Thai and wrestling, while progressing to boxing and kickboxing ranges, as skill sets are enhanced and comfort with contact is reached. This sparring class is designed for any adult looking to get in great shape while learning valuable skills in a safe and fun environment.



Guided Meditation



Meditation guided by voice, drumming, &/or music. Dhyana practice. Body scans..... or for some, a nice nap time in a sacred setting. 



Rough Hands Kids


A blend of martial arts, fitness, yoga, and mindfulness. Kids will explore self defense techniques while getting a good dose of exercise, and ALSO exploring the benefits of stretching and focusing on their movement within their bodies, and creating a space of mindfulness, awareness, and concentration.

Tuesdays and Sundays (times TBA)