Try a free week of classes!

We know how difficult it is to determine the value of a program by looking at a website, or taking a tour, so we invite you to come and try training with us for a week. Just get in touch with us and we'll find a time that is most convenient for you.

Ultimate - $119/mo

Come to any and all of our classes for one, low, monthly price.

Fighting only - $99/mo

Attend an unlimited number of our Fighting classes (Krav Maga, Fight Lab, Muay Thai Ground Fighting, and Fight Lab) for $99/mo.

Yoga only - $49/mo

Attend an unlimited number of our Yoga classes for $49/mo

Drop In - $10/class

Come to any of our single classes for just $10

Private Training - $65/hr (discount for members)

We are happy to provide private training for folks who have specific things they want to work on, don't necessarily want to work in a group setting, or don't have a schedule that works with our schedule. Please contact us about your specific needs.

Student and Family discounts available!